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Posted: 12/24/2018 09:22:23
Message edited at 01/03/19 08:40:25
Hello Dear Members

Make a video in your language and get Cash and Points

This is another chances for you earn more from PTC-CashLink-Ads.

When you make a video in your language about our website and post to YouTube or any place of website you can post a video and for you to get Special Gift for you. And after you make the video and post into YouTube open the support ticket with the URL Link and for you to claim your reward of 5$ + 100 points

If you do or do a Video for following website you received reward of 5$ + 100 points for each

1, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;

2, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;

3, This reward of 5$ + 100 Points for this website;

Note; Is good when you do the video in your origine language or if you speak it and we recommend each language you will received his reward mention above

Thank for your confidence in PTC-CashLink-Ads and feel free to contact us if you have any question And we are always with you

Client Support Department

(Service of Paid To Click & Advertising)

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Posted: 02/17/19 12:50:03
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administrador yo realice mi video el dia 15/02/2019 y ayer cuando quise acceder a mi cuenta no podia entrar me decia que necesitaba un email de confirmacion sabiendo que ya yo habia hecho eso. Yo les envie el link del video, mi usuario yarifigu. porfavor quisiera que me devuelvan mi cuenta ya que tambien tengo entendido que para poder cobrar hay que invertir estoy clara en eso.

Tuve que realizarme esta cuenta para poder escribirles agradezco una respuesta

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